Saturday, January 26, 2013

Making Provision for the Wrong Thing

... Put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the desires of the flesh.  (Rom. 13:14)
Who said this?  A Puritan, a Manichean who separates flesh from spirit and who doesn't know that lust can be redeemed, as the Westians insist it can?

No, it was St. Paul.

Is he saying sexual desire is bad?  Of course not.

But he is saying "make no provision" for the desire of the flesh.

In other words, don't spend most of your waking hours figuring out how to game the system.  Provide for your wife and kids, but don't provide handy excuses for viewing pornography on the internet, telling yourself that when it comes to porn, virtue and mortification are old fashioned and outmoded tools of "moralists".  Stop "making provision" by telling yourself that you have "mature purity" and can gaze on naked bodies, that sodomy can be a legitimate way of expressing love, that Hugh Hefner is a hero - all things that Christopher West and his ilk have been telling their followers.

If this isn't "making provision for the desire of the flesh", what is it?

Again, your choice is to listen to the Apostle, a zealous follower of Christ and martyr for the Faith - or listen to a rock star with a gimmick.


Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for your real life explanation of this sin that many men (myself at the top of the list) suffer. Somehow the truth comes through and for that I am grateful. Our Blessed Mother can help hold us up when we are assailed. I am reading True Devotion of Mary and have some little ways to get my mind on what is really important to my eternal soul and those of my family - that is the reception of God's graces through Mary. She doesn't like to say no, she wants to help purify us.

Thank you for trying to keep us on the right path.

Fuquay Steve

Anonymous said...

Even rock stars get old. Much like West's increasingly obscure (and thus metaphorically ineffective) references to 80's pop culture.

And it makes me viscerally sick to hear him compare Hefner and JPII.

Wife of former porn user

Joey Higgins said...

When I hear of, "mature purity," I often think: if it were possible, it would not be necessary to talk about.

For example, if a person was able to overcome concupiscence, you wouldn't need to tell your initiate of the, "last stage," as they would realize it when they got there and then ask where it went.

Instead, you have people talking about "mature purity" from the beginning which is just error prone and will lead to many a failure - if it were possible to achieve "mature purity."