Monday, January 21, 2013

More on the Man

I think it's harder for a writer to capture a life of virtue than a life of vice.

But Frank Weathers does a good job of it, and also posts lots of video clips, in his tribute to Stan the Man over on Why I am Catholic.

Since things are so combative on the blogosphere, and since our Church is always being attacked, from every direction both without and within, it's hard to remember that sanctity is about simply being good, and that virtue, even heroic virtue, can look like a kind, unassuming, humble man married and faithful to the same woman for 72 years.

As Frank Weathers points out by quoting from a biography on Stan, his life was not the typical "booze-and-broads" story of behind-the-scenes sports heroes.

His was the life of a good Catholic who was what we're all supposed to become - a good and loving person.

And sometimes it's just as simple as that.


I found this quote on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website ...

Jack Buck said this about Stan: "When you first hear about this guy, you say, ‘it can't be true.' When you first meet him you say, ‘It must be an act.' But as you watch him and watch him and see how he performs and how he comports himself you say, ‘He's truly one of a kind.' There will never be another like him."

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