Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Questions I Ask when I'm Not So Angry

OK, I'm trying to take a break from being so ANGRY about the corruption of the concept of Chastity within the Catholic Church (see my last few posts), and so ANGRY about nonimalism and excuses for nominalism (see more of my last few posts) and so ANGRY about ... well, whatever it is I'm angry about at the moment (see pretty much this entire blog, since I hardly ever write unless I'm ANGRY about something).

So here's what I've been thinking in the five minutes or so that I haven't been ANGRY in the last few days.


Photo of me asking these questions.  Some of them make me want to cry, as you can see.

  • Why does it need to be so big, so shiny, so intense?

  • Why do we need guitars and amplifiers at Mass, loud and sensually violent movies at the cinema, over-the-top shows and books and music in our mass media?  

  • Why do we need to be Big Rock Stars?  Why do we need to have apostolates that make Big Impacts?  Why do we need to save the Church?  Can't the Church be saved without us?

  • Why do we need more debt, more money, more spending, more and more and more?  And more?

  • Why does sex have to have so much pizazz these days?  It was always pretty interesting the way it was, the way it always has been before all the hype.  And of all the things that need to be hyped - is sex one of them?  Why is having lots of sex so much more important than sitting around and being happy every now and then?

  • Why do I have to get there faster than you do?  Why do I have to wear these kind of clothes?  Why can we not get ANGRY any more without people telling us we need medication?  Why are these men in the white suits coming after me?  Why is "prefrontal lobotomy" the one thing my G.P. keeps recommending over and over again?  Why do I keep hearing these voices all the time?  Why am I ...

Well, as you can see, the questions continue.

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Kevin O'Brien said...

Some of my Facebook friends added the following questions to mine ...


So... Here's some of my questions

Has purchasing a video program and attending a ticketed speaker event at a parish replaced self discipline?

Is holiness now a function of rooting for the popular?

Is virtue measured by how closely you repeat the party line?

Is sanctity nothing more than making statements of popular sentiment?

Is the good news of the Gospel that I can do what I want without regard to what God told me He wants?

And the last question: What would Hugh Hefner do?