Sunday, January 20, 2013

Some Photos

The O'Brien's living room at Christmas.

Midnight Mass at the Cathedral Basilica in St. Louis.

Our summer home.


Above the Meramec River, St. Louis County, Missouri.

The swamps of Southern Illinois, not far from the Ohio River and Kentucky.  Note the flood line along the trees.

This was on New Year's Eve.

How I dress after I've read a lot of Christopher West on the Theology of the Body.

How I dress when I'm reading other stuff.

The bridge and the swamp.

These next few pictures were taken Friday along the Katy Trail near Jefferson City, MO.

And here's the champion oak tree near Belknap, Illinois.  Where's Belknap?  Not far from Karnac.  Karnac the Magnificent.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics Kevin.


Mrs. Pinkerton said...

I love the Westian fanboy photo. In celebration thereof, I send you some quotations from a Catholic ghetto romance I read some years back:

"Some of his dark, plentiful chest hair was spilling out through the opened part of his shirt."
[later, same scene]
"His muscular body and hint of chest hair reeked of masculinity."