Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spiritualizing Sin

Lots of comments over on Facebook from both defenders and critics of my latest article.

I can sum up my response to this whole fiasco simply with this ...

The thing is this stuff stinks. It smells funny. With West's stuff, the odor is perfumed over. Here, the author is not talented enough to spray the perfume. We need to trust our noses. This ain't theology. It's not even an attempt at theology. It's rationalization for sin, and the worst kind of rationalization for sin. It's the "spiritualizing" of non-spiritual impulses. Is man looking for God when he masturbates to porn on the computer? In a remote way, in a way that the man does not consciously register, he is. But what is this man's immediate goal? Let's not fool ourselves. His immediate goal is sexual, selfish, and physical. A sin of the flesh; less serious than a sin of the spirit, which is what this sin becomes if you fool yourself into thinking it's a pathway to God.

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