Tuesday, January 22, 2013

St. Paul and a Dose of Reason

And now, brethren, I appeal to you by God’s mercies to offer up your bodies as a living sacrifice, consecrated to God and worthy of his acceptance; this is the worship due from you as rational creatures.[a] 2 And you must not fall in with the manners of this world; there must be an inward change, a remaking of your minds, so that you can satisfy yourselves what is God’s will, the good thing, the desirable thing, the perfect thing

This is the Knox translation of Romans 12:1&2.

A few quick comments ...

  • Theology of the Body fans, take note.  Yes, our bodies are very important.  They are so important they are to be offered to God as a "living sacrifice".  They are far too important to indulge and coddle. They are so important they must be thrown away, discarded from our own selfish use, and "consecrated to God" so as to be "worthy of his acceptance."  

  • The "logike latreia" here translated as "worship due from you as rational creatures" is "a service of God which conforms to human reason."  There is in our reason and our ability to reason the shape and form of worshiping God.  Don't let the irrationality of the modern day, the zeal for emotions, the flight from reason in comboxes and on the internet, fool you.  The irrational is from the devil.  Reason is from God and He invites us to worship Him through reason.

  • "Be not conformed to this world" as the KJV says, "but be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds" (how often do we hear anything like this anymore from the pulpit?).  Why should we not be conformed but transformed?  So that we can discern God's will, and do the "good ... desirable ... and perfect thing," which is precisely what God's will is.

The more we follow fads that tickle our ears with promises of worldly benefits, the more we will be conformed to this world and thereby made less and less able to discern the simple but "good, desirable and perfect" will of God.

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