Thursday, January 24, 2013

There is No God but Mammon and Ayn Rand is His Prophet

The ten things libertarians have taught me.
  1. Government is always evil, the only evil, the ultimate evil.
  2. Leave everybody alone and it will be Eden again.  Except if you leave people alone and they form governments,which is what people do when you leave them alone.
  3. The Economy is the only perfectly self-regulating thing that exists, and if left to itself it would bring salvation to the human race.  This has never happened in history, but that's no proof that it won't.
  4. All of our problems are caused by laws and regulations, see #1 above.
  5. See #1 above, read it and memorize it.
  6. See # 1 above.  Have I said that already?
  7. If you tell people what we're actually saying and demonstrate the consequences of our foolish notions, we call that "setting up a straw man".
  8. You are free to enter into any contract that you want, even if you are forced to by being enslaved.
  9. As long as somebody's making money off of something, it's all good.
  10. The economy can never be changed, except when we change it, and when we do it's always a bad thing to change it, and don't listen to the popes or the Church because they're naive and only experts understand economics and the economy is an abstraction that doesn't exist and man IS the economy and just leave it alone and let people make money any way they want because it's all good and see #1 above and what do you know you're a socialist and heaven is a place where anybody can make money doing anything they want and just get off my back and if only we could be left alone and law is a always a bad thing and 


FrM said...

looks like this is an example of # 7

Anonymous said...

Yes, this particular piece is very sad. I'm used to the haters of the Catholic Church using such silly, straw-man, "everyone equals one person's actions" argument.

Sad to see it used anywhere, by anyone.

It is used in abundance on this page.

Ave Maria

Kevin O'Brien said...

Yep, #7 all the way.

Unknown said...

Bravo! Excellent article!

Little Flower

Anonymous said...

"All our problems are caused by laws and regulations."

No, but many of our problems are caused by BAD laws and regulations -- rules that are unclear, that fail to set any standards for agency actions (meaning they can do whatever they please, or selectively enforce said rule), or that fail to provide persons who are adversely affected any recourse to appeal a decision.

My day job involves reviewing state regulations and there have been instances in which I was able to persuade an agency to improve its proposed regulations by adding some of these features. A good rule that everyone understands and that provides for due process can be a much better thing for business than having no rules at all.