Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Attractive / Not Attractive

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet were founded here in St. Louis, and today they are well known as polyester-wearing pants-suit nuns who spend more time on the Isle of Lesbos than they do in chapel, and who ostracize the older sisters who still wear the habit.  I'm sure they're not all bad, but here is one of them, Sr. Bridig McDonald, who is proudly anti-pope and proudly pro-abortion.

Here below are the Dominican Sisters of Nashville.  They love Our Lord and do everything they can to serve  Him.  They realize that the Church is His Body and that its teachings on Faith and Morals are infallible guides, the following of which might be difficult, but are the only route to happiness on this earth and beyond it.  The sisters - some of whom I met yesterday - are (like all sisters I've met who wear the habit) overflowing with joy.

The Dominican sisters are also overflowing with vocations.

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, by contrast, are simply dying off.

And so we see before our eyes the fruits of the Culture of Life and the fruitlessness of the Culture of Death.  One brings life and love; the other self-indulgence and bitterness.

Please pray for true reform in the Church, especially among religious orders.


Anonymous said...

Her birth name is Mildred Doan and my lasting "auntie". 65 years as a Carondelet sister. I have profoundly loved her all of my 74 years. She always wore a habit. For most of her Carondelet life auntie stayed in Los Angeles area, primarily at Mt. St. Mary's College in west L.A. as president and head of nurses. Many time I visited her from childhood to the late 80s. I always thrilled to see her.

She died in 92 or 93...still alive in my heart and that of my queen, parents of 7 children and 18 grandchildren.

I mourn for the "sister" who is anti-pope and pro-death. And for "The Mount" which like many other "Catholic" institutions have flushed themselves down the memory hole of spiritual and moral toxicity.

Because I don't deserve His love and respect, I/we do thank Jesus for creating us and being in our heart and soul - esp. in our various sinful lives.

As my queen, Sandra, and I are Third Order Dominicans, we pray for the Carondelet sisters and others like them to return to Jesus' Queen, His Church.

With so much love for Jesus, Mary, Joseph, St. Dominic, "Auntie" and the world,


Phil & Sandra Ferguson,O.P./L
Boise, ID

Kevin Aldrich said...

I guess I can understand why a nun might be anti-pope, but to dedicate your life to God and to be pro-abortion is inconceivable.