Monday, February 25, 2013

The Capstone - or What We Learn from The End

What I was struggling to say in my last post is that the end illuminates the beginning; the end tells us how to read everything that came before it; the end defines the rest of the story.

I just got off the phone with someone who talked about a project that an elderly friend of his hopes to start before he dies.  "It would validate his entire life," he said, meaning that it would be a kind of capstone that would hold the archway together, that would put everything that came before it into a solid framework and perspective.

Relationships are like this too.  How a friendship ends shows you the nature of that friendship since the beginning.  Same for jobs and careers.  An ugly-selfish end reveals an ugly-selfish trend or current that had been at work all along.

And the same for life.  This is why Heaven or Hell are not simply a form of reward or punishment, but a culmination and punctuation mark that reveals how well we've lived up to that point - up to the end.

Sometimes the only way to understand a story is to read it backwards.

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