Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Mystery of the Call

It is humbling when you find out that you have somehow manged by a great coincidence of design and experience to be the answer to someone's prayer.  Simply by trying to do God's will in a given situation.

I am doing three things in my life that I am absolutely made to do.  No one else could quite do these things - no one else has the peculiar mixture of talent and experience and desire to do these things.  I am very happy doing these things - two of them involve show business - and I seem to be doing good by doing them.

The greatest mystery is our vocation.  The strange mixture of love and longing and opportunity and satisfaction - along with plenty of frustration and struggle - there is nothing like it when you marry the gal you're meant to marry, or when you answer the call you're made to answer.  It is a great and awesome mystery.

And we can never fake it or force it.

It comes from God.

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