Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Love demands boundaries.

This is maybe the hardest lesson for moderns to appreciate.

Thought demands boundaries.  This is because thought recognizes the boundaries that do exist.  A married couple cannot be two men or two women - this is a boundary that exists independent of what we want.  Giving you life over to drugs or porn will make you miserable - this is a boundary that we try to cross all the time, and then we find to our surprise that it applies to us as well as to all those others, those addicts, who are not us.  There are distinctions in form and without acknowledging them, pure confusion results - but look at the money spent on "higher education" in this country, for an indoctrination that is blind to intangible reality.

At any rate, the most miserable person in the world is a spoiled child.  My wife corrects me: "The most miserable person in the world is a spoiled child who does not get his or her way."  A brat having a tantrum displays an unhappiness and lack of perspective that knows no bounds, for a spoiled child knows no boundaries.

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