Monday, March 18, 2013

Could the Jesuits Become Jesuits Again?

The Jesuit-educated John M. DeJak, in an unrepentant moment.
John M. DeJak writes, referring to himself, John B. Manos and Dr. Charles Rice, board members of the Bellarmine Forum ...

The three of us are all unrepentant Jesuit-educated types. Proof? We drink, smoke, swear, and rattle the beads.

This triumvirate are a force to be reckoned with.

So were the Jesuits at one time, and maybe the Society of Jesus, like their namesake, can find their way out the grave - in this case the grave of liberalism, heterodoxy and disobedience which they've enthusiastically dug for themselves over the past fifty years or so.

The corruption of the best is the worst, and the Jesuits were once the best - virile intelligent Christian men, the most remarkable of whom were martyred all over the world for the sake of Our Lord, including a number of martyrs here in North America who suffered under unimaginable conditions to spread the Faith.  Guys like DeJak, Manos and Rice, educated by Jesuits, would never compare themselves with such selfless and holy men, but drinking, smoking, swearing, a solid education and the Rosary are a great start.

I am told that their plan is to defend our new holy father, the first Jesuit pope, especially from the kind of attacks that John Manos describes here.  "Like" their Facebook page for updates or simply visit their site regularly for new articles.  The patrons of the Bellarmine Forum are three of the most remarkable Jesuits of all time.  Fr. Ciszek's story alone is inspiring and well worth the read.

Pope Francis
Meanwhile, on this Solemnity of St. Joseph, it is fitting to take a break from Lent.  So drink, smoke, call a vile thing by a vile name, and pray the Holy Rosary.

St. Joseph with baby Jesus

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