Saturday, March 30, 2013

Motivated by Fear

It's been a hell of a Lent.

And here's one lesson I've learned.  Most of us are motivated by fear - and I'm not talking about that Holy Fear, which is Awe or Reverence.  I'm talking about the cowardly sniveling fear that we express day in and day out, being afraid to discipline our children, being afraid to speak up to our boss when he takes advantage of us, being afraid to stop enabling the addict we might be living with.

In fact, the worst kind of Christians are those who are motivated by fear - not fear of God, but worldly fear.  It's amazing how much energy we can put into protecting ourselves from God's will and shielding ourselves from Divine Providence.  We're just so damn afraid.  What would happen to our witness, for example, if we stopped worrying about offending people?  What would happen to our relationships if we stopped trying to control them for fear of what "getting real" would mean?  What would happen to our marriages if we loved our husbands or wives enough that we were willing to make them mad for their own good and if we stopped trying to live for the sake of a false peace in the household?

What would happen, now that Easter is upon us, if we simply gave up being motivated by fear?

What would happen if we started to trust the one person who loves us most - God?

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes losing is winning. People need to realize this. Also, words have meaning.

Your post is a wonderful reminder of the need for humility in this world that if full of contraception, abortion and the general fear of responsibility.