Friday, March 15, 2013

Sex in One Sentence

Christopher West, Matt McGuiness, and all of their supporters, listen up!  I have just written one sentence that reveals the meaning of sex - so much so that you'll never have to write another book, Chris, another three-part-second-look-keep-looking-at-porn series of articles, Matt - and best of all, none of your fans will ever have to read your garbage again!  I've done summed it up!

Now before I reveal the sentence below, you must understand the context.  The context is one man and one woman permanently joined in marriage, expressing their love in the marital act, which must of its nature be open to the possibility of procreation, and which thereby (and only thereby, only when "sex" lives up to its purpose by existing under those conditions) - which thereby serves as an echo of the love of the Holy Trinity and the nuptial of the Church, which is the Second Coming of Christ.  Got it?  So if you're a husband and wife giving yourselves fully to one another - including your fertility, which might lead to those delightful surprises called babies, aka new human beings - then, and only then, will the following sentence - THE MEANING OF SEX - apply.

The essence of sex is to be drawn out of oneself, and into another; it's a kind of death to self for the sake of the other, and the new life that such sacrifice brings with it.

Bingo.  Done.  Send me my check, boys, I'm going home for the night.


Anonymous said...

Excellent way of putting it Kevin; the part where you say "it is a kind of death to self for the sake of the other", i personally see it as a definition of true love, of what happens when you do authentically love someone through genuine non-physical actions, without expecting to receive the same or without demanding that same love back. I'm saying this from current situation =) Well done.


Anonymous said...

P.S. Please pray for a friend of mine who is always in my prayers and thoughts, and whose mentality towards sex and sexuality is warped in a worldly sense. Thanks.

The Woman of the House said...

Sweet! Well put! Though you realize that if this gets out to too many people, (if the Jansenists get word of this!), you're going to be comdemned for using the nasty three letter "s" word and making allusions to other unmentionables. Plus you probably like Pope Francis don't you! The scandal (!) and he's not wearing red shoes. Scandal!

God bless you,