Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Anthem of Hell

Over on Facebook, a discussion has broken out about what is the true "Anthem of Hell".

My friend Sean P. Dailey, editor of Gilbert Magazine, says he always heard it would be Frank Sinatra's "My Way".

I reply ...

Well, the song "My Way" is about a man who cuts his own path, but who does so with personal integrity; in other words, he adheres to an objective standard, even when being daring and original. "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" is what we will be singing in hell, if we get there - because Satisfaction, theologically speaking, as well as emotionally speaking, comes only from Our Savior.

But of course we all know there's one and only one "Athem of Hell"

"You Satisfy the Hungry Heart with Gifts of Finest Wheat" by Robert E. Kreutz.  (Everytime I have a searing pain in my gut, I grab it and yell out KREUTZ! in honor of this horrific hymn).

Here's my rendition of it.

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