Monday, March 4, 2013

The Great God "O"

The Great God "O" is not Oprah.

No, it's the Orgasm.

I'm beginning to catch on, and I repent of all my foolish years of preaching and teaching the Christian Faith.  Frank Weathers sets me straight here.

The Main Stream Media (MSM) keeps pounding this into our head for a reason - the Orgasm is God, and we all must bow down and blindly serve It.  Of course that doesn't explain the push for "gay marriage", since the O and marriage have nothing to do with each other (straight or gay) - the Orgasm is an end in itself and is supposed to lead neither to children nor to a family, and never to guilt - or so they keep telling us.

And it doesn't explain the MSM's aversion to pedophile priests.  I mean, an Orgasm is an Orgasm is an Orgasm, and seeking It should define who we are and what we do, regardless of the sacrifices we must make.  All gods demand sacrifice.  The O simply wants us to sacrifice little children if we're pedophiles, our wives if we're adulterers, our health if we're promiscuous, our babies if we're "pro-choice" - and to sacrifice our reason and common sense if we serve It and only It.  But what a small price to pay for the Greatest God There Is.

I've known a few "devout Catholics" who twist themselves in knots trying to spiritualize pornography or baptize lust, but they're sadly mistaken - not because they are trying to claim (as they do) that the O leads to God - but because they ignore the plain blunt dumb fact of our mute animal nature - THE O IS GOD.  THE O IS AN END IN ITSELF AND LEADS NOWHERE ELSE. And the only intelligible sounds we as humans can make are the moans we pray to O when the O takes possession of us.


And yet - see the evil heretics in our midst!  Even Frank Weathers, in praising the God O, makes the unforgivable error of hailing as a prophet one of the O's heretical opponents!

Weathers quotes Maureed Dowd who quotes the openly "gay" Colm Toibin, who snidely implies that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has a gay lover, his personal secretary, who will be spending his evenings with Benedict while the former pope is in retirement.

“An 85-year-old man having such a beautiful companion with him morning and night to talk to and walk with,” Toibin said. “It’s like the end of a novel. It’s what all of us want for ourselves, straight or gay. It’s better than sex.”

WHAT??!!!  Abject heresy!  Toibin is saying that companionship is better than sex!  That friendship trumps sodomy!  That love is more important than, say, mutual masturbation or fellatio!  

Stone him!  Kill him!  Burn him!


False Prophet of THE O, Colm Toibin, on whom I have issued my fatwah.

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