Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Sacred Heart Sits Atop the Sacred Backbone

Where did we get the idea that "love" means indulgence?  That, for instance, to love a child means to spoil that child?  That to love a neighbor means condoning everything he does - from sexual perversion to addictive behavior?

Love means setting boundaries and honoring them - this is why God's greatest gift of love before He sent Jesus was sending the Law.  We don't like boundaries, but without them there is no shape, no form, and one thing blends into another.  And the word for that is hell.

For those of you wondering what I mean by the word Modern - the great hallmark of the modern world is just this: no boundaries - fuzziness, blur, formlessness: no borders in life, no definition or backbone in the Church, no belief in the reality of form, and hence no ability to think.

And yet in our families and our friendships and our vocations, it comes down to this - love without boundaries and you'll soon find that you can't love at all.

The Sacred Heart sits atop the Sacred Backbone.

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Tom R said...

Tom R
The recent capitulation of nearly everyone in the gay marriage "debate" has shown us the new definition of tolerance, and that tolerance does not consist of love, but of fear. The fear of having to be on "history's side", never mind the consequence. Bread and circuses were on "history's side" in Rome, and no one saw the portent of that at the time they sided with it.

I'm not saying homosexuals are insane, nor am I saying that they should be discriminated against. That would be counter my faith. However, I am saying that if a mult-millenia old definition is simply wiped away as if non-existent for the sake of "tolerance", the pretense that this is done out of "love" is ridiculous. The term "courage of conviction" has no meaning in this society. We are a society afraid to take any stand at all, even if for the sake of our descendants.