Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wheelchair Gangsters and Contraception

This is a fascinating and disturbing video by a South African alternative music group.

It is well made, but filled with violence, odd humor and vulgar language.  WARNING: It's not for everybody.

My point in posting it is not only that it's artistic and reveals a great deal of pain - my point in posting it is this.

This video could not be made EXCEPT in a contraceptive culture.  These delayed-adolescents (he appears to be mid-30's, but the drug use may have aged him) would not be parading around their angst, their depression, their violence, their sense of powerlessness and impotence and their post-modernist ironic humor, if they simply had kids.


Michael said...

This stinks of nihilism.

They're rebels without a cause.

However, I suspect that like evil, this kind of art needs something outside of itself to "live".

It needs something true and good for which this nihilism is to have any meaning hence, any humor.

Scott W. said...

Not that surprising:

Anonymous said...

Can you explain what post-modernist ironic humor means? I'm having trouble understand what post-modern is and ironic humor

Kevin O'Brien said...

I call this video "post modern" because it takes cynicism and despair and pushes them past the limits of cynicism and despair. It not only mocks society, it mocks the rebels who are mocking society.

"Ironic humor" is humor based on the disparity between appearance and reality, between intention and consequence.