Thursday, April 11, 2013

Anti-Semitism and the Traddies

Simcha Fischer writes the best piece yet on anti-semitism among traditionalists.  Read the whole thing, but she ends with this ...

If you are a traditionalist, here's what you can do:  Got a blog?  Write a short post decrying anti-Semitism.  Just so people know.  Got a congregation?  Deliver a brief sermon on the fact that hatred of the Jews is a grievous sin, unworthy of people who are dedicated to preserving the integrity of the Faith.  Got a family?  Teach them that this kind of thing is repulsive, abhorrent, and has nothing to do with Catholicism.  Got a website with a big traditionalist readership?  Just put a small disclaimer somewhere reminding people that anti-Semitism is, according to Nostra Aetate, "foreign to the mind of Christ." 

Because, as I said, I know that not all traditionalists are anti-Semites -- not by a long shot.  But it's there.  If you're a traditionalist and you hang out with other traditionalists, then sooner or later, you will run into anti-Semitism.  If it's not in your particular neighborhood or community, then be glad.  But it's not far away.  And it's not going to go away on its own.

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