Wednesday, April 3, 2013

G. K. Chesterton comes to St. Louis on Sunday!

Live at the Pauline Bookstore

Chuck Chalberg as GK Chesterton

Sunday April 7th 2:30 PM


Experience the uncommon sense of GK Chesterton in this one-man show. Chuck Chalberg recreates a lecture as it might’ve been in London circa 1920. Come prepared to laugh and be surprised at Chesterton’s take on every modern -ism, and watch him be surprised too. He never quite knows what he’s going to say but it is always worth hearing. And remember, “The opposite of funny is not serious. The opposite of funny is not funny”.

Admission From $12.50

Help The Daughters of St. Paul get an LED Sign!

 Net proceeds from ticket sales will be used to help us put a full-color LED sign out on Watson Road to increase our visibility. We think the sign will increase traffic in the store between 15 & 30%. Enjoy an afternoon with the Apostle of Common Sense and help us at the same time.

Premium packages available. See for more information, or call (314)965-3512.

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