Friday, April 12, 2013

Jews Jews Jews Jews

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Brennan, who blames Jews for everything, keeps pestering me to define what a Jew is.  He refuses to debate me until I define my terms, terms he uses quite happily without definition all the time.  He also offers the wonderful apology, "I"m sorry I made you feel you needed to resort to sarcasm and insult".  What does one say to that?  I forgive you?

Anyway, this is a dark, nasty thing, this hatred of Jews, and I won't let these bigots pretend as if they're good sane Catholics, not when they tell me the things I record here and here.

  • Andrew [Last name withheld]
    What's more significant Our Lord's crucifixion and resurrection or the holocaust of WWII? The denial of which should offend more?
  • Kevin O'Brien Your denial is more offensive, Andrew, for "to whom much has been given much will be required", and as a good Catholic, Andrew, you should know that the Church condemns Jew hating. Is an unbiased assessment of the Holocaust Jew hating? No. Is a critique of the Jews as a people Jew hating? No. But minimizing the Holocaust, as you do, claiming that a Jewish conspiracy has enough power to elect every president since WWII (including, for instance both Kennedy AND Nixon, though they both ran against each other at one time), referring to Holocaust CLAIMS as if that's all they are, linking to a site that blames Jews for it - this is neither sane nor Catholic nor Christian. You are acting as if one many not mention the word JEW without being called an anti-semite. If this is so, it is because of people like you who display an irrational fear and hatred of them - a people, who, like any group, are far from perfect, but who, for whatever reason, engender an unbelievable amount of loathing and distrust far out of proportion to any reaction to any other group.

    You say it is more scandalous to deny Our Lord and His resurrection, as the Jews do. But how can they believe if they hear no one preach, or if no one is sent to preach, to echo St. Paul? And how can they hear the preaching of all of us who are sent when many of us - many of the most seriously devoted Catholics on this planet (the rad trads) - witness to Christ by denying the sufferings of Jews and by blaming them for every shadowy conspiracy under the sun? If they don't believe, your witness is not helping.
  • Kevin O'Brien And, Brennan, I will happily define what I mean by Jews when you and Andrew stop playing the game, "What oh what, after all, IS a Jew? Oh, and Jews got the presidents elected and Jews engineered the Holocaust and Jews are under my bed at night. I wish someone would define what a Jew is, even though the Church speaks very authoritatively on Jews without offering the definition I seek." And as for you apologizing that you made me feel the necessity of using sarcasm and insult, don't bother. I enjoy using sarcasm and insult, especially in the face of the devil you guys are dancing with.
  • Kevin O'Brien So don't "What is a Jew, anyway?" me in one breath and blame this same undefined and nebulous group for all the evils you blame them for in the next.


Anonymous said...

At least 50% of my patients are Jewish, so these Holocaust deniers offend me, and I'm not Jewish. It's easy to anonymously lob bombs across the internet. How cowardly these are Catholics to do so.

Dr. Eric

Anonymous said...

Syntax error, too much MSG or something.

It should have read, "How cowardly these Catholics are to do so."

Dr. Eric

Anonymous said...

Mr. O'Brien, You lose moral stature to start by your manner of speaking and doing so in the public square.
As for people who shout "anti- Semitism", to borrow a phrase "Enough Already"! Isn't it bad enough that this tyranny goes on without ceasing in the larger society but in the Church is presuming quite too much.