Sunday, April 14, 2013

Love and Fear

When we become motivated by fear, we cannot love.  But perfect love casts out fear.

I say that to those of you with ears who can hear.  Perfect love casts out fear.

It seems I had a prelude to what would later become a Dark Night of the Soul for me last April, beginning with Divine Mercy Sunday and lasting about a week.  From my journal, last April ...

Yesterday at Mass at the Cathedral, I saw the two branches - one is the Old Adam, who selfishly and stubbornly clings to dominion in a world of his own making, king of his house of cards, with the King of Kings crucified and absent ("Let us kill him and seize on his inheritance"); the other is the New Adam, the new creation (Jesus breathes on His apostles as the Father breathed into the first man), born to inherit by adoption the nature of God, the new nature of Perfect Love.

And today I add ...

  • Irrational hatred, like that of antisemitism, is borne of fear.
  • Not taking risks when preaching the gospel, even if you have an apostolate that spends, say, $48 million a year to do so, is borne of fear.
  • Slavery to sin is borne of fear.

Is fear keeping you from reaching out, from taking risks, from loving with all your being, from reconciling with a friend, from saying you're sorry and proving it?  Let go of the fear.

Is fear keeping you from doing serious penance - even penance that might last a full year - and from seriously turning from the sin that gave birth to your penance?  Let go of the fear. 

Is fear keeping you on a hamster wheel of control and busy-ness?  Let go of the fear.

But you can chase it out only with something to replace it.  Cast out fear.  Love.

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