Thursday, April 11, 2013

More on the Jews

Simcha Fischer and Mark Shea and others are quite right: if your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out.  There are some sins that we cannot coddle.  Indeed, we should coddle no sins, though we must always understand where they come from and have compassion for the sinner.  But "get thee behind me, Satan" is always the first and most healthy response to any sin or temptation to sin.

Anti-semitism is such a sin that we dare not go soft on, and particularly the form that denies the Holocaust and makes excuses for those who do.

Does this mean, as some of my readers are suggesting to me (privately) that we may never criticize the Jews?  Does it mean that (as some have claimed) Chesterton and Belloc were anti-semites because they spoke boldly in both positive and negative ways about Jews in frank terms that would never be appropriate to use since the Holocaust?  Of course not.

But here's what has happened, and here's what this fight is all about:

  • Many on the right in the Catholic Church began to fret and worry the moment Francis was elected pope - a very shameful thing which I have made a point not to blog about, since in some ways drawing attention to the people who have done this is counter-productive.
  • One of them reported - wrongly - that Francis was unfriendly toward the Latin Mass.
  • This man turns out to be a Holocaust denier, or at least one who minimizes the horror of the event and its scope.
  • When Dawn Eden pointed that out, she was attacked by rad trads who called her "uncharitable" and "divisive"
  • Since then, the Sane Bloggers have been simply saying, "The problem is not divisiveness or lack of charity on our part.  The problem is anti-semitism in Traditionalist circles.  It's the elephant in the living room, and the right wing of the Church needs to acknowledge and condemn it soundly, not make excuses for it and attack bloggers like Dawn who are drawing our attention to it."

I am, therefore, not saying it is politically incorrect to talk about the Jews or the state of Israel.

But it is shameful to make excuses for the little demon the rad trads are making room for - the Jew hater in their midst.


Dawn Eden said...

I would actually say that we may never criticize "the Jews," in the sense that lumping them all into one group implies they are monolithic, or, worse, a conspiracy. We can criticize individual Jews or particular Jewish groups, or non-Christians in general, but "the Jews" en masse? For goodness' sake, they don't have a pope. They're balkanized as Protestants are: Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Reconstructionist, Lubavitch, and many other group. Even in Jesus' time you couldn't speak of "the Jews" as though they all had one opinion. We can evangelize them, yes, as we would evangelize any non-Christians. But criticize them as a group, as though they had a policy? No.

The only thing that people who identify as Jewish have in common is that they reject Jesus as the Messiah. Beyond that, you will find atheist Jews, "JewBus" (Buddhist Jews), secular humanist Jews, all the way to the most orthodox of the Orthodox. I believe for that reason that when you generalize about them beyond their being non-Christian, you enter into dangerous territory.

Martin Moleski said...

Christian anti-semitism is as stupid as it is evil. Mary is Jewish. Jesus is Jewish. Jesus was circumcised. His parents kept the Torah ("Law"), and so did He. He said He came to fulfill the Torah. His Jewish apostles and disciples preached to Jews that Jesus is the Christ, which means that He was anointed (Greek: christened) to be the King of the Jews, hence the King of Israel, hence the King of Kings. The first Christians were Jews who saw Jesus as the fulfillment of God's covenant with David (ps 89). Original Christianity was 100% Jewish. Only after the decision was made that converts need not become Jews to become Christians (Acts 15) and after the destruction of the center of Jewish Christianity with the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD did the word "Christian" come to mean "not Jewish." To this day, "salvation comes from the Jews" (Jn 4:22).

Seraph said...

One of them reported - wrongly - that Francis was unfriendly toward the Latin Mass.

That has been proven true by Rorate and other sources. Not one TLM, outside of the SSPX, was available in his diocese. That is just a fact. The Mass he introduced was a hybrid New Mass/TLM mess that included Novus Ordo readings. It died out because it was obvious it was not a true TLM. The faithful left in droves. They wanted the real thing.

Kevin O'Brien said...

Seraph, it appears you are swallowing the lies of a publication that supports anti-semitics and Holocaust deniers.

Fr. Z writes ...

"Archbishop Bergoglio did his best to implement Summorum Pontificum within days of it’s promulgation, faster than anyone in the world that I know about."

And so I ask you plainly: do you support the Church's position on the Jews, or do you fall in line with those who hate the Jews? How can you accept the reporting of a publication that makes room for Jew haters and Holocaust deniers? Especially when that reporting is demonstrated to have been false?

Kevin O'Brien said...

Dawn, I know what you mean, but it smacks a bit of nominalism. By your argument, one could not criticize "Americans" or "Catholics".

The problem, however, is one's blood does run a bit cold when we hear talk of "the Jews" - not because in doing so a person is identifying a diverse group as one, but because we know that there is a demon that stirs up hatred for "the Jews" - a kind of hatred that we don't even see against "Catholics" or "Americans".

I just had someone comment on my Facebook link to Simcha's article, for example, getting all indignant that she used the term "traddie". He was not upset that Holocaust deniers are given scope within the far right of the Church; he was not upset that rad-trads are infested by this dark and evil hatred. Indeed, he went so far as to say that if you dispute "historical CLAIMS" you are not anti-anybody.

It's anti-semistism plain and simple.

I suggest our ears perk up when we hear mention of "the Jews" not because it's wrong to classify a diverse group as one, but because we know the kind of irrational hatred that boils up from hell on this issue.

Seraph said...


Fr. Z never corrected himself after Rorate brought up the truth about the disaster that was Cardinal Bergoglio's hybrid Mass. Fr. Z was relying on information from Fr. Finigan. Once Rorate set the record straight, Fr. Finigan had the decency to correct himself and issued a public apology to Rorate:

Rorate documented that Mass here:

Kevin O'Brien said...

Seaph, please answer the questions I asked you.

Kevin O'Brien said...

Seraph, I read your two links.

What a sick group of people you rad trads are.

Seraph said...

I support the Church's teachings on the Jews. I don't have a problem with the Holocaust. It was not the subject I was talking about. I was talking about the TLM in Buenos Aires. The TLM just did not exist in that Archdiocese after Summorum Pontificum. SP was not implemented. There was no TLM under Cardinal Bergoglio and there still is not one right now.

Anonymous said...

Mr. O'Brien, You say the craziest things. You should look a little deeper to see what things are causing sickness in the Church.