Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sinners, Rejoice!

You know, I'm a pretty awful person.  Those who are closest to me know that quite well.

You should be thankful you're reading my blog and not living with me.

Anyway, if there are any fellow sinners out there reading this, rejoice with me on this Divine Mercy Sunday.  Sick of sinning?  Just say no.  Say, "I've had enough of making myself and others miserable."  Fix the messes you've made, vow not to sin again, don't toy with temptations or near occasions of sin.  Go back to God and all is forgiven and forgotten.  It may take a while to heal the temporal wounds - the damage sin has done (to you and to others) that outlasts the act itself - but the forgiveness is immediate, even if the healing takes time.

And be glad when reality slaps you in the face and penance comes, chosen or unchosen.  If it makes you repent and grasp the Kingdom of God which is at hand, it is a blessing.

It cost Him everything, but He died to forgive you.

And don't ever hesitate to forgive another; for when they sin against you they are always as well-intentioned as you are when you sin against them.  He gave us the gift, pass the gift along.

Forgive.  You are forgiven.

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