Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Devil Makes Us Do It

The Pope, it seems, is spying on me.

I'm not paranoid or anything, but he's spying on me.  So is St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Rome has sent some albino monks from Opus Dei to watch me throughout the day.  I think they're secretly turning my webcam on and watching me via Skype at the Vatican as I sit in my underwear and type this.

How do I know?  Well, listen to these quotes from a recent CNS article on Pope Francis.
In almost all his homilies, the Jesuit said, Pope Francis talks about "the battle" people face between following the crucified and risen Christ and "falling prey to negativity, cynicism, disappointment, sadness, lethargy" -- and the temptation of the "dark joy" of gossiping or complaining about others.
Ha!  Clearly he knows my heart.  Well, leave my dark joys alone, Pope Francis!   If I want to become holy, I'll let you know.  And how about this ...
Father Blaszczak [secretary for the service of faith at the Society of Jesus' headquarters in Rome] said the idea that the devil might disguise himself as an angel also fits with the teaching of St. Ignatius, who said "the enemy" often tries to corrupt generally positive inclinations and attractions -- including the desires for love or accomplishment and an attraction to beauty -- to create despair or "disordinate attachments" that destroy interior peace end up moving a person's focus away from loving and serving God alone.
 OK, seriously.  They've been watching me - spying on my heart, at any rate.
The founder of the Jesuits was convinced, [Blaszczak] said, that "it would be the evil one who would try to dissuade us, who would say: 'That's silly. That can't be done. You're not good enough. You couldn't be called to that. You don't have what it takes. You don't have the goods to make a difference in building the kingdom.'"
And on this, the 90th birthday of Mother Angelica, these words ring especially true.

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