Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Eponymous Enabler

From my combox here, in the midst of comments on "Jew haters" ...

Tancred said...
I'm more worried about Catholic haters like the moral dwarves who populate this blog.
April 12, 2013 at 5:34 PM
Blogger Kevin O'Brien said...
Tancred, above, who refers to me and my readers as "moral dwarves" is the author of The Eponymous Flower blog, and is furious with Dawn Eden for being a Jewish convert to the Faith who points out that one should not take reports by Holocaust Deniers without extreme skepticism, if at all. He also characterizes Simcha Fischer as "hysterical", when she condemns antisemitism with a firm and unwavering voice.

Here's how Tancred argues (bear with me; my comments in red) ...

"Furthermore, a hysterical Simcha Fisher utters a demand that there ought to be some kind of public outcry against the evils of anti-Semitism. We’ve noted in the past here on this blog that it’s difficult, if impossible, in great part because official mouthpieces don’t help much, that violations of Catholic doctrine, liturgical rubrics, veritable insults against Christ Himself, go unpunished and unanswered by those in positions of authority time and time again, while faithful priests are punished in turn, sometimes at the urging of people like NCR and Patheos bloggers. ..." 

Who is he talking about here? Our criticism of Fr. Corapi? What "faithful priests" are we bringing down? 

"... We expect that even if there is an official concern about unfounded charges of anti-Semitism by Neoconservative journalists ..."

What the ??? If the bloggers he's referring to are anything, it ain't Neoconservative. And "unfounded" charges of antisemitism? Mr. Tancred, read my posts on this, read what my rad trad friends are saying about the Jews on Facebook, read your own stuff and tell me this is "unfounded".

" ... we’re not sure how they would enforce a principle which isn’t part of the deposit of faith or if a canonical proceeding could handle such a thing."

I may be a "moral dwarf", but I'm taller than this guy.  Tancred is actually saying NOTHING IN CATHOLIC DOCTRINE PREVENTS JEW HATERS FROM HATING JEWS (when in fact everything in Catholic doctrine does) AND EVEN IF IT DID THERE'S NOTHING IN CANON LAW ABOUT IT!  Unbelievable.

"In any event, many real violations of doctrine take place virtually every day and go unpunished, so we can’t imagine how this charge of anti-semitism could be enforced even if it were the problem the often emotive Simcha Fisher insists it is."

Tancred, I don't give a fig if a bishop condemns people like you and other antisemitics and apologists for Jew Haters. This is not a question for the Church hierarchy. It's a question for the normal and sane laity. It's time we got off our asses and showed you and your ilk the door. Bishops and priests? No, moms and dads and neighbors. Those are the people who should condemn you and those like you who are making room for and excusing this vile poison.

In other words the gist of Tancred's argument is as follows - "It is wrong to get emotional about Jew haters when there are so many liturgical abuses going on and anyway Holocaust Denial is not a position contrary to Catholic dogma so why bring it up?"

Tancred then goes on in boldface to encourage his readers ("moral giants", I presume, as opposed to my readers) to complain to EWTN for publishing the National Catholic Register. 

So, remember, friends, the problem is not antisemites in Traditionalism. The problem is the bloggers who point it out.

ADDENDUM - April 20, 2013 - This will make more sense after you read the comments below.  Mr. Koob is hereby publicly invited to correct any misrepresentations of his views that I have presented.  I will allow him to post anything in this combox, without any editing or censorship from me.  In addition, as I point out below, he has his own blog, which gives him plenty of space to make his views clear.  The Eponymous Flower ... .

The following appeared on Facebook within the last half hour.

  • Cyril W. Koob I’ve attempted to contact you privately. I think you should respect my wishes and stop attempting to publish my name or misrepresent my views. Thanks.

  • Kevin O'Brien Cyril W. Koob, I am not touching the blog post that you commented on, nor am I deleting your comments or Mark Shea's. Your views are not misrepresented. If you think I am slandering you, have your lawyer contact me and "attach my assets" as you've threatened to do to Mark Shea. Since all of my assets are liabilities, you'll actually improve my current financial situation, if you attach them. 

    You have the combox of that blog post to make your points clear, if I've misrepresented them. Have at it. So far you've simply engaged in petulant name calling. Oh, and by the way, if "effeminate brood parasite" is not slanderous, then neither is "apologist for Holocaust deniers". I give you free rein in that combox on that post. Oh, and you've got your own blog, so have at it.

    Meanwhile, if you contact me again on Facebook, I will be blocking you. And stop emailing me.
  • Cyril W. Koob I think you need to respect my wishes, sir. I’ve been more cordial than you deserve. Have a nice day.
  • Kevin O'Brien You are blocked.
  • Cyril W. Koob I have no wish to be associated with your blog, or to be addressed by your falsfiable claimes.


Mark Shea said...

His name, by the way, is Cyril Koob. He doesn't like people to know who he is.

Cyril Koob. That's the name.

Wait till he comes back with his patented "Mark Shea is fat" rebuttal. Devastating.

Doug said...

Book Liryc (Lyric)? Really? That's a real name?

Doug said...

I mean I realize this is a real person but, is he by chance acquainted with a Count Alucard?

Tancred said...

People who engage I. This kind of effeminate behavior are simply brood parasites who in other situations would have collaborated with the powers that be. They are certainly not birds of prey.

Tancred said...

Mark, at some point your slander is going to catch up to you and you'll be facing some attachments of your assets.

How much do you make as a self-proclaimed arbiter of Catholicty? You always complain about how little you make. How about a little transparency?

Kevin O'Brien said...

Mr. Koob, Mark Shea has fewer assets than I do, and that's saying something. But since conspiracy abounds in the minds of all you birds of prey, then feel free to believe that somehow Shea and bloggers like me are growing rich by being "professional Catholics" as Voris calls us. But why would you listen to an effeminate brood parasite like me?

Tancred said...

Nothing more anti-Semitic than using a human tragedy to smear someone's name.

Yes, I think it comes up to the level of brood parasite.

DRH said...

"attachments of your assets"

Spoken like a citizen of Sodom.

Kevin O'Brien said...

I've just added an addendum above.

Anonymous said...

I don't have time to hang around here right now.
I very much agree with Tancred.