Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Holocaust? Meh.

So I post this on Facebook ...

Radical Traditionalists: Pope Francis? Hate him. The Jews? Hate 'em. Sane Catholics? Hate 'em. It's the religion of FUN!
But nuking Japan? Love it. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder? Adore it. Hell itself? Where would we be without it?

And a friend of a friend - a guy I don't know at all comments

 I think I'm being called out for "hating the jews".  Am I correct?

I tell him I have no idea who he is, so how can I call him out for hating the Jews?  He explains that he linked to Simcha Fisher's article and objected to it.  And therefore I must somehow be referring to him.

So immediately I click on his Facebook wall to find out who he is.  "Hey," I comment, "in stalking your wall, I found this ..."

On Holocaust Remembrence Day, please remember:

1. You are Catholic. You *are* Israel.

2. Christ was "the Holocaust".

Now, theologically, both 1 and 2 are, in one sense, true.  But to post something like this on Holocaust Awareness Day?   

My Jew-hating Facebook friend replied thus:

Why is there not a Nanking awareness day?

Now of course, like you, I have no idea what Nanking is.  So I simply ask him.  What's Nanking?

This is where it helps to know your history.

He replies.  And so I shoot back a "f*** you".  He then accuses me of not being Catholic, but while the choice of words may not have been the most prudent, the most Catholic thing in the world is to curse the devil.  Is this man a devil?  Of course not, but he's dancing with him and smiling about it.

I finished by saying ...

Friends, I apologize for the vulgarities, but I'm leaving them up. This is how they work it: they don't deny the Holocaust outright, they simply minimize it. Who the hell knows what Nanking is? Well, if you Google it, you find that it was a slaughter of 200,000 innocent Chinese by the Japanese in 1937. Horrible and evil? Indeed. On par with the Holocaust? No. Read Simcha Fishcer's article and decide for youself if a Facebook friend-of-a-friend out of the blue is really quite sane in thinking that there's anything wrong in what Simcha's saying or in thinking that I'm somehow criticizing him when I don't even know who the hell he is.
But I do now.


I mean, Michael Jackson simply liked to sleep in bed with pre-teen boys. Child molester? Never! And someone who thinks the Holocaust is overblown and posts about that on Holocaust Awareness Day is just re-assessing historical claims, don't you know? Jew hater? Never!


Anonymous said...

That person was me. My name is Paul Moeller. I never accused anyone of not being, do not hate the Jews. I was called out and have the proof for it as I have the entire conversation copied and saved.

I would appreciate it if I were not falsely accused, not only for my sake, but for the wellbeing of those making the accusations.

Anonymous said...

Paul Moeller

Kevin O'Brien said...

Paul, I have the entire coversation copied and saved too. Would you like me to post it here?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that'd be fine. If not, if you want, I can post what I have.

Posting it would make it clear that I have not claimed you weren't a Catholic and that I have said nothing whatsoever that I hate Jewish or anyone for that matter, and nothing contained in the conversation should indicate that I'm obsessed or possessed by demons.

As a man who cares about the faith and prays the Rosary every night with his seven children, I'm not offended by this at all, really, but I am intrigued by it.