Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why Should We Think when Hating is So Much More Fun?

I've been out of the loop on this, but as Fr. Geiger points out, my friend Dawn Eden is getting criticized by the paranoid contingent of the right wing for daring to suggest that one should not take without pause the reports of a Jew-hating holocaust denier.  The background has to do with a slanderous accusation against Pope Francis that was made soon after he was elected, the source of which was a holocaust denier, making the accuser's grasp of truth and factual history suspect to begin with.  Dawn pointed this out, and has since been attacked by the crazies.

Mark Shea, meanwhile, simply notes that almost all Catholic Jew-haters on the internet are Traditionalists (which is NOT the same thing as saying that almost all Traditionalists are Jew-haters, a point of distinction that is bound to be lost on his combox warriors), and I can't even imagine the continued nonsense that will spew forth on this issue.

The problem is it's not all nonsense.  There is a dark hatred behind this.

One of my friends points out to me privately that it's almost impossible to say anything (positive or negative) about the Jews as a people, for fear of being labeled an anti-semite.  That may be true, but it does not change the fact that hatred of Jews is alive and well and has found a tolerant welcoming home among the most vile of the radical traditionalists.  Fr. Geiger does a good job of analyzing the techniques this group is using to keep their souls bitter, their minds closed, and their hearts uncircumcized.

And the main technique is this: ignore the point your opponent is making and attack him for being "uncharitable".  Thus, we have ...
  • A reasonable assertion that those who are motivated by an agenda in such a way that it blinds them to the truth should not be trusted on reporting factual matters relating to this bias
is countered by the charge
  • You are an uncharitable bigot for suggesting this.
Indeed, that later assertion is the handiest way to dismiss rational arguments against "gay marriage", against abortion, or even to dismiss arguments in support of anything.  

But why should we think when hating is so much more fun?

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Anonymous said...

I find that the accusers use the words Jew Haters. The accused do not. It always is accusers who use over-kill. Are they concerned that unless they do nobody will pay attention ? Yes. I know you understand the art and psychology of exaggeration.