Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Guest Post from Ruby's Husband

I knew she was doing the mailman.

He's handsome and he's got a steady job, after all.

And it's hard to love a man whose legs are bent and paralyzed.  After all, that crazy Asian war did me wrong, and Ruby's a young woman with a young woman's needs.

But I didn't know she was doing the meth addict teen from the halfway house.  And the plumber.  And the four Mexican guys who cut our neighbor's lawn.  And our neighbor.

And when she got all worked up on the internet - well, I knew she was a bit unbalanced with all that world wide web stuff.  I knew she liked those smooth talkers who were telling her that she could be a good wife and do whatever - and whomever - she wanted.  Torture, lying, sin-your-way-to-salvation - all that stuff appealed to her, body and soul.

But who is this "Barabbas" and why is she so hot for him?  And why does she call out his name in the bedroom at night?

Ruby, hon, I'm starting to feel like you're a "ho" and I'm Hosea.

Ruby, taking her love to town.

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