Monday, May 27, 2013

Cardinal Dolan's Hour has Come and What to Do If He Shuns It

As I passed along last night, the New York Times has reported that despite Cardinal Dolan leading the US Bishops in their battle against the HHS Mandate
the [New York] archdiocese’s own money is used to pay for a union health plan that covers contraception and even abortion for workers at its affiliated nursing homes and clinics.
The Times reported this in their Sunday edition over the holiday weekend, so the reaction has yet to hit.  We are given a moment here to guess how this might play out.

Now, here's the worst case scenario ...
  1. Bill Donohue of the so-called Catholic Defense League will point out that Cardinal Dolan was not the one who agreed to this, and New York state law requires this and the archdiocese is paying the premiums in protest, and the New York Times is an abortion-loving liberal rag trying to bring down a good and holy man, and it's all a left-wing conspiracy, and on and on.
  2. Conservative Catholics (many of whom are secretly pro-contraception anyway) will rally behind Cardinal Dolan, regardless of how he handles this situation.
  3. Dolan will say, "Well, the plans are in place and we can't take insurance benefits away from families, and I didn't know about this and I'll sure as shootin' look into this right away and we'll see what can be done, and on and on."
Sad if such prevarication, equivocation and game playing happens, but it probably will.


Here's another worst case scenario.  Paul described it to his church in Thessalonica 2,000 years ago.

At the End Times, some may will perish eternally, says Paul

because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying: That all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity. (2 Thes. 2:10-11)

Do we know Catholics who refuse to love or to believe the truth, who consent to believe Lying?  Do we know Catholics who consent to iniquity - itty bitty iniquities, done to shame and ridicule our enemies, abortion clinic workers?

Certainly lay Catholics, especially conservative lay Catholics, would not prevaricate or equivocate the way the bishops do, would they?  Good solid Mass-going conservative lay Catholics will not be damned when Jesus comes again, having participated in the "operation of error" in order to believe and put their faith in Lying, would they?


Don't fool yourself.  The Lying Debate has not been about words.  It has been about the fate of the Church and the fate of our souls.


Here's the best case scenario.


1. Dolan shows that he lives the faith he preaches.  He immediately and without hesitation cancels the policies in question, and instructs the archdiocese of New York to "self-insure" the employees who have been covered.  The insurance the archdiocese will provide will not henceforth pay for any procedure that's contrary to Catholic teaching - which is precisely what he and the bishops have been fighting for all this time.  Dolan apologizes publicly and does public penance, offering nary an excuse or a PR spin.  He behaves like a true Prince of the Church, like a true Apostle of Christ.

or (I know that's pretty far-fetched, but he is a St. Louis Cardinals fan, and so he has some character) ... or ...

2. Dolan does what Dolan does, and either way, lay Catholics man up.  If the bishops fail us (again), we will simply step in as we've done before - since bishops and cardinals and even popes have been  failing the Church from the get-go.  If Dolan drops the ball and hems and haws and (frankly) lies in this case to save himself from embarrassment (lying for a good cause, you see), we man up.  

We reject Lying, even for a Good Cause.  We stop playing games with the Catechism.  We stop attacking each other on the internet.  We stop worrying about defending a Church that Christ assured us will never fall.

We start living holy lives.  We mortify the flesh, repent of our sins, give ourselves to the life of the Spirit, and seek first the Kingdom of heaven.

If we must, we will let the bishops - our teachers - learn from us.


Kevin O'Brien said...

Let me say that I understand that things get complicated because this is coverage the archdiocese has agreed to per a union contract. But no one may be held to an agreement to commit grave evil. And the interests of the employees in question may be addressed by means of the archdiocese self-insuring them.

Kevin O'Brien said...

"Celerical cognitive dissonance: Y'all risk your livihood (private businesses) and fight the HHS Mandate. We'll fight it too, *cough* but do what the Mandate wants to coerce us to do anyway." - so writes a Facebook friend.

Bobbylang said...

Cardinal Dolan has been dealt a hand that he is obviously NOT capable of managing!
His responsibilities are far in excess either of his ability, or his interest!
Our "Catholic" NY State governor lives with a "Bimbo" in his bedroom, along-side his daughters and as far as is known, receives communion!
The U.S.C.C.B.(which he chairs) continues to send regionally different signals re: Homosexuality!
He continues to respect and entertain the "Abortion King", President Obama!
What in his efforts to date gives any hint he will suddenly "Stand Fast" for Catholic Values??

Anonymous said...

DachsieLady replies...

"We reject Lying, even for a Good Cause. We stop playing games with the Catechism. We stop attacking each other on the internet. We stop worrying about defending a Church that Christ assured us will never fall.

We start living holy lives. We mortify the flesh, repent of our sins, give ourselves to the life of the Spirit, and seek first the Kingdom of heaven.

If we must, we will let the bishops - our teachers - learn from us."

I like this article very much. I hope there will be a follow-up piece that tells us exactly if the Cardinal is confronted with this inconsistency and how the Cardinal responds.

Your solution as quoted above is the only real answer, only real answer for each of our eternal soul's salvation. However, I am left with the question of whether if we cooperate with the Church's activities and conduct as per Cardinal Dolan's form of Catholicism by attending the Novus Ordo mass and taking communion in the hand, etc., we are committing sin and cooperating with iniquity and lies just like Cardinal Dolan.

Magdalene said...

I expect almost all the bishops to cave in with C. Dolan leading the way, after all would he be able to continue to yuck it up with the prez if he is in jail?

There will be some specious reason for caving in I am sure.

Anonymous said...

I also think that they will cave in, which is not what they should do. They should shut the whole apparatus down. We have no business running a huge empire, left over from the work of the religious orders which are no more, that we cannot staff and we cannot manage. It's all about "keeping up a good front" regardless of the decay behind the scenes. Read the Pew Report.

Kevin O'Brien said...

Daschie Lady, here, I'm sorry to say, is the follow-up:

Micha Elyi said...

Answer: Close whatever operation uses that union labor. Dismiss all union employees. End of contract. Problem solved.

Kevin O'Brien said...

Micha, a better answer. Keep the operations, keep the workers, keep the union. Negotiate a contract in which the archdiocese self-insures them and refuses to pay for abortion and contraception.

Anonymous said...

Even better: Stop representing these institutions as Catholic, because they aren't any longer. They were started by religious, but there are no more religious to run them. Now most of them are run by secular lay boards, which may or may not be Catholic, and they are staffed by the general population.

The 19th century is over. If we so insist on "living on a legacy" that we'll even do this to maintain the appearances of it, then the Church will die on that legacy. It's time to man up, tell the truth and move on to the future.