Thursday, May 30, 2013

Choosing Our Battles while Sleeping with the Enemy

Well, everybody it seems, comes up with "talking points" - shorthanded ways of answering an argument without thinking, points that your team is leading with and that become handy cliches.

The talking points of Janet Smith and her ilk re. the Dolan Scandal - the ones that they're trying to make stick - are twofold.  They claim ...

1. Dolan's position is tenable.  Indeed, I admit that it might be, morally speaking - it's simply shameful and it ruins any chance of him leading the fight against the HHS Mandate.  
2. Dolan is shrewdly picking his battles.   The problem with this is you can't choose your battles if you're sleeping with the enemy.  To be compromised on a moral issue, when it's the very issue for which you're campaigning - even if your compromise is "tenable" - is to lose all moral authority on that very issue.

Meanwhile, Mark Shea (the evil Mark Shea) has written a brilliant, thoughtful and Chestertonian piece on Arguing.   Let's hope that this current "argument" continues so that we can move beyond talking points and engage the real issue - which is (as usual) how to follow Christ.

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