Friday, May 17, 2013

Lying for a Good Cause becomes Lying for Bad Results

Perhaps if Live Action were really bringing down Planned Parenthood, we could pause and "Pharisees" like Shea and Tollefsen and Eden and O'Brien and others would be shamed by the fact that, "Well, lying is wrong, but it's ending abortion!"

Don't fool yourselves.

The sting videos and the Lying Debate that has followed is really an excercise in "mental masturbation" as one of my private correspondents has put it. 

Worse than that, it's having the opposite effect.  The sting videos have actually helped Planned Parenthood raise money; the organization mentions them in their fund-raising appeals.  Their donor base is appalled by them.  The Christian abandonment of truth in favor of the Lie that We Like has more of an impact on those outside the fold than those inside of it.  For they can see more clearly than we can what we're all about.

And, friends, I can understand the "anti-charism of discernment" (as Mark Shea calls it) at work when right wing Catholics overlook the flaws of otherwise capable people like Fr. Corapi or incompetent but doctrinally orthodox bishops like Bishop Finn - but when the Most Annoying Man on the Internet becomes the cause celebre for soothing our consciences with arrogant sophistries, it makes one wonder.


You see, rationalizing lying is not only selling your soul for consequentialism, it's selling your soul for inconsequentialism. It's not Lying for a Good Cause, it's Lying for Bad Results.


And if I'm wrong about your consciences being troubled, dear Apologists for Lying, prove it.

Shut up about it and quit trying to prove Christ is in your corner.

And if you're right, and the anti-Lying contingent is endangering our souls by speaking out against Lying, then let's all shut up and pray for us.

... but the funny thing is you can't.  You can't find peace on this issue, and there's a reason for that. 

You know you're wrong, and you're ashamed.

I would be too if I spent so much time and effort to defend something as noble and wonderful ... as telling a lie.

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