Friday, May 17, 2013

Shaking the Dust Off my Digital Sandals

Now we all know the left wing Catholics are wrong because they try to excuse abortion, contraception and gay marriage. 

But on the right???

I have been told that right wing Catholics have been arguing, in blogs and in comment boxes, this week, that Lying is OK because

1. Jesus lied

2. Peter's denial was not a lie, but somehow an example of "double effect"
The latter, at least, happened in one of my comboxes, and the former I've heard before when this debate was raging.

These people should be ashamed of themselves.


Speaking of shame, here's what right wing Catholics have advocated on this blog since I started blogging ...

  • They have advocated TORTURE, saying that the Church's condemnation of it is misguided and naive.

  • They have advocated LYING, going so far as to say Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was a LIAR.

  • They have made excuses for ANTI-SEMITES and Holocaust Deniers, telling me that the Jews got what was coming to them.

  • They have behaved like ANYTHING BUT CHRISTIANS, all the while telling me that I'm the problem here, not them.

My friends, the strategy isn't working - the strategy of most Catholic bloggers and media outlets of playing up to this stone-hearted group of people. 

I shake the dust off of my digital sandals as a witness against them.  I have tried.


Tom Leith said...

You'll be happier. Don't witness "to" anyone brother Kevin, just be a witness.

Michael said...

I don't think I should be ashamed for recognising;

- the intent of Peter's action was self-preservation
- the inherent evil in the denial vastly outweighed whatever good was in the intention

Maybe the second point didn't come across and you thought I was saying Peter's denial was legitimate?

I just want to reason what is good and isn't, so easy on the tar and feathers there fella :)

Also, for goodness sake please don't lump me with Westians.


Kevin O'Brien said...

Thanks, Tom, there's something to be said for that.

Michael, I'm sorry I misunderstood you and I'm sorry I lumped you with the Wild Wild Westians.

But in the case of Peter, I think we learn something important. All lying is a denial of Christ. Certainly Peter was motivated by self-preservation; but even saving our own necks by lying is shown in the gospels to be horrifically shameful, the worst moment in Peter's life.

You can't serve a God who is Truth by becoming a son of the father of lies.