Friday, May 3, 2013

Shea It Again, Sam

Mark Shea has written the best piece yet on the Lying Debate

In it, he goes beyond the academic dryness and hypothetical fun we were having debating the philosophy of lying and the Church's position on it.  In it, he gets to the heart of why lying is wrong in a particular case - the case of the "sting videos" that started this mess.  In it, he transcends "lying" and shows a much more grievous sin at work.

And in it he comes up with the best line ever for that group of us who are both Tolkien fans and Three Stooges fans -

... for instance, I laud 40 Days for Life for shutting down [abortion] clinics all over the US, including in Seattle’s University District, which is like walking into Mordor and poking Sauron in the eye as if he were Moe Howard.

You need to read the piece.


Ron Van Wegen said...

Mark Shea is, as he often is, quite right. I do have one question that I haven't seen answered or asked (though it may have been - the internet is rather large): If you believe (as I do that Live Action's videos show serious sin on *both* sides what is the moral position of a person who then uses the videos to show the evil of abortion and Planned Parenthood while knowing that most people won't see the evil perpetrated by Live Action? I hope that's clear. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Do you believe it's okay to do a bad thing specifically in order to get a good result?

Kevin O'Brien said...

No. The Church forbids that.