Friday, May 17, 2013

Spike is Best: Live Action serves the killing of babies

Spike is Best: Live Action serves the killing of babies

Paul Stillwell has some good lines here.

People who support Live Action's tactics cannot get past diversionary and inconsequential analogies. That much is pretty clear.

It is strange that they cling so hard to these diversionary and inconsequential analogies, because all of their analogies are totally pathetic, and are totally ridiculous. But that's what liars do - they argue with diversions.

Their analogies are also totally discontinuous from one another, being a hodgepodge of what about telling your wife her pants don't make her look fat? to what about the Eucharistic species? to what about telling your kids about Santa Claus? to what about police doing sting operations? and blah, blah, blah. They pick one up, then let it drop, then pick up another. They are not thinking with the Church.


They are very much out of touch - like people who think they can build relationships through texting. 

The objections will never end.  The devil behind this argument never sleeps.  When you live a lie you lose your  sense of peace.

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