Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Lying Debate has Moved from Mental Gymnastics to Blasphemy

Over at the Ink Desk, Colin Jory writes about The Demand for Social Assurance that Abortion and Sexual Evils are OK

I recall a friend telling in the 1970s of her experiences when trying to present the Church’s teachings on marriage to a school religious education class here in Canberra. The response was aggressive hostility from some (Catholic) girls: “My older sister/brother is living with her/his boyfriend/girlfriend because they are not yet ready to get married. Are you trying to say that she/he is in mortal sin?” “My older sister/brother and her husband/wife are practising contraception because they can’t yet afford to have a baby. Are you trying to say that she/he is in mortal sin?”
Compare this to the Lying Debate.  As I wrote elsewhere ...

I want this, and therefore it must be morally good, and if it ain't, well, a little Mental Hopscotch will fix that!
(For example, that's what I believe is going on in some catechetical circles regarding sex - the attempt to baptize lust; and certainly that's what the Lying Apologists are up to, as are those who complain about Church teaching on abortion and contraception: I want to do it so it must be good!)


But I want to end my far-too-many posts on this subject with a challenge to Deacon Jim.  I have known him for years and worked with him on a radio project that has quite a few loyal listeners.  I know that in his heart he longs for Jesus Christ and prides himself on being a good Catholic.

Deacon Jim, please do me one favor.

When your fellow Lying Apologists pipe up with, LYING'S OK 'CAUSE JESUS LIED, TOO!!! - will you please protect the honor of Our Lord and Savior and distance yourself from that?  I mean, it's one thing to play mental hopscotch to rationalize a venial sin that we all know to be wrong just because you and others are fond of Lila Rose & James O'Keefe and their well-intentioned but misguided tactics.

It's quite another when you move from mental gymnastics to blasphemy.

To claim that Jesus was a liar is blasphemy pain and simple.

No cause is worth that, my friend.  Redeem your own dignity and renounce those on your side of this movement who claim that "Jesus lied" is a sentence that any Catholic can say in good conscience, or even entertain in his mind.

The rest of this has all been a kind of annoying game, really.  An annoying game that I am very tired of playing.  Lie if you want to, big deal.  Everybody does it and no amount of arguing about it will change human behavior.  Everybody sins and everybody rationalizes their sins.  We've gotten worked up about it, you and I and others, but it's not as serious as we're making it.

But making a case for Lying by calling Jesus Christ a liar - that is serious.  That is more than just playing with words and definitions.  That is an assault on the Sacred Heart Himself.

Please join with me and when you write about this again elsewhere (since I've banned you from commenting here), please make it clear that Our Lord must not be vilified simply for us to feel good about ourselves.  He went through that once on a cross, and there's no need for us to do it to Him again.


ADDENDUM: Don't believe the liars.  The Bible condemns lying over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.  For proof, see my latest post.

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