Thursday, May 30, 2013

You Think I'M Tough on Dolan?

Here is an excoriating piece by the Pro-Life Corner.  Harsh, but true.

Cardinal Dolan seems to be a good man, and he loves Chesterton and the St. Louis Cardinals - but I'm afraid it's hard to argue with the following (from the article, entitled Dolan has Taught Us a Few Important Things)

Cardinal Dolan has taught us you can be a Catholic (Gov. Cuomo) who promotes the unlimited and legal killing of babies by abortion, a Catholic who uses their political power to promote homosexual marriage and you’re still a Catholic in good standing.
Cardinal Dolan has taught us it’s OK to pay for abortions and contraception if you have an excuse.
Cardinal Dolan has set a standard for every Catholic in America to participate in things like the HHS mandate as long as you say you object to doing it.
Cardinal Dolan has taught us that if employees of a Catholic nstitution demand that the Catholic Church pay to murder their babies – the Church can comply.
Cardinal Dolan has taught every enemy of the Church that Catholics will go along quietly and participate in contraception and abortion programs as long as we say we object to it.
Cardinal Dolan has made null and void Cardinal George’s statement concerning secular forces attacking the Church and our need to be brave,
I expected to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square.”  No need now to stand-up for any principles.  If Cardinal Dolan, the head of the Bishops Council can pay for abortions and tell us all we have to do is say we object to it, no Catholic need to take a risky stand to defend Christ or life.  Cardinal Dolan has taught us we can go along with the culture of death as long as we object to doing it.
Cardinal Dolan has taught the Supreme Court whose members may have seen these situations in the news and will be hearing the HHS mandate cases that it is really no big deal for the head of the USCCB to allow his Archdiocese to pay for abortions and contraception as long as he can publicly say he objects to it.
Cardinal Dolan has taught politicians, voters, the abortion industry, and the media that the Catholic Church will pay for abortions and contraception as long as we can say we object to it.

That's most of the article, but there's more, including a chilling conclusion about child abuse.


Anonymous said...

It's not like this is an isolated incident either. You can easily find a list of other Catholic organizations that pay for contraception of various sorts online. It's not that difficult to find. There are a lot of them.

Michael Booey said...

I'd like a new inquisition to be set up to get rid of all this filth.

Anonymous said...

No one's going to start an inquisition inside the Church. And even if they did, it wouldn't solve our problems because they are deeper than that.

But the situation right now is too unstable to continue. It will very, very slowly right itself once it hits bottom, and we are almost assuredly not at the bottom yet, as bad as that sounds.

Anonymous said...

BTW, when I talk about "hitting the bottom," I'm not necessarily talking about being picked on by outside forces or any of the somewhat wacky scenarios that Catholics are fond of. Three days of darkness and all that. Rather, I'm talking about becoming depraved, even in the unlikely event we get a total pass on the subject by the culture.

We Catholics in the US have lost the reason why we belong to a religion, by and large. For most Catholics it's not about having a relationship with God, or having a deep and personal prayer life, or being a disciple of Jesus or growing in the Christian faith. It's about politics and practices, about our Catholic Identity and Sensibility, about whether our kids get a cheap college-prep education at the local Catholic school, and above all about how we feel. It's about whether we wear hats or not, and whether the priest looks "holy" or not, which BTW may or may not have anything to do with dipping into the collection plate or whatever.

The Catholic church is an interesting place. But until it cleans up its act, not through an inquisition, but by realizing what Christianity is again, this is going to continue and it's going to get worse.

Michael Booey said...

I dunno Anonymous.

What is the point of an inquisition but to address the heresies which lead to these kinds f problems.