Friday, June 7, 2013

Abby Johnson's Facebook Status

This is former abortion clinic worker and current pro-life activist Abby' Johnson's Facebook status from yesterday, June 6, 2013 ... 

I'm going to share with all of you an answer to prayer that I received. For months, I have been praying about the various strategies used in our movement. When I first left Planned Parenthood, I believed that we should do pretty much ANYTHING to end abortion (nothing violent, of course). I was one of those people who really believed that whatever we did, it was justifiable because abortion is so horrific. I think the majority of pro-lifers are in that same boat. 

Then I started my clinic worker ministry. We started to see things happen...clinics shutting down for good because of the work of former workers, information was shared that we wouldn't have ever known unless these workers had left, etc. And that's when I really started to wrestle with this idea. Is it really okay to do anything in order to fight against abortion? So, I prayed about it...for many months. I feel like I finally have clarity about this. 

I wondered if it was okay to be deceitful in order to fight abortion? I wondered if it was okay to ultimately sin in order to fight this horror? Was it okay to separate ourselves from God (because of this sin) in order to potentially save babies? Several years ago, I would have said yes...well, just a few months ago, I would have said yes. But now I feel differently. 

I have found that throughout my journey, God keeps revealing things to me, and this is one of them. Some of you may think that is crazy...but it is what it is. :) We have never deceived anyone in our ministry. We have never lied. We have never been dishonest...yet, we are continually blessed by Christ...babies are being saved...clinics are closing. 

I realize now that I must actually repent for my previous way of thinking. I was "okay" with sin just to fight abortion. That, in a way, makes me hypocrite. I feel strongly that I must stand against ALL matter what the end result could possibly be. 

Please understand that I am not bashing anyone who continues to believes that sinful means justify the ends. I get it...I used to feel that way, too. I just simply wanted to share something that, I believe, God has revealed to me. :)


jvc said...

Notice the overriding, but probably subconscious, desire to use actual results as a parameter for usefulness and maybe even ethics. She's concerned about results. And she's intelligent enough to see what does and does not get results. Lying, of course, is in the latter category.

Paul Stilwell said...

We do not save babies.

Only God does - through people.

Through our docility to His will.

Tactical lying is probably not an exterior method implemented from without, but is likely the organic attraction, development and fruition from within the pro-life movement - that is, from all the egotism and back-stabbing to be found therein.

And there is indeed egotism in the pro-life movement; people who want to be front and center and take credit for things and who will shaft other pro-lifers to do so.

The sin of abortion is so far-gone and so...well, so mortal a sin that our efforts, money, plans, tactics or otherwise, are nothing without God. We do not save babies. Only God does, through us, through our docility to His will.

Have some freaking humility.

Kevin O'Brien said...

But give her credit - she's a brave woman who has come a long way, from Planned Parenthood director to pro-life Catholic, and it is her prayer life that showed her the truth about lying. I say she's doing another very brave thing coming out publicly with what God's shown her.

Paul Stilwell said...

Oh, no, my comment was not addressed to her or what she said. My apologies for that. I have no beef with what she said or what she is doing, and I completely agree with you Kevin about the great good she is doing! I applaud her courage and bravery, and especially her love for truth.

I was using the phrase "saving babies" totally as a tie-in to what Live Action does and the usual refrain about how they are trying to save babies. The testimony of Abby Johnson makes explicitly clear that it is conformity to God that saves babies and insofar as one is seeking His good and His will, there is a sense in which one can say "we are saving babies" when one is seeking that.

I'm sorry, I should untangle my thoughts before commenting.

Paul Stilwell said...

In other words, it was reading the post about Abby Johnson and her pursuit and conviction of truth, of following her conscience, that led me to the thought "we do not save babies" - and that it is precisely this conformity to God (which Johnson exemplifies) which saves babies.

Hope that makes what I said more clear. It is people who makes excuses for Live Action's tactics by talking of saving babies as though it was owing to their strength that I was referring when I said "have some freaking humility".

Kevin O'Brien said...

Thank, Paul, for clearing that up.

The point you're making is the point I'm making in my latest post - - though I talk about it with the analogy that being a good Christian is like "getting into character" for an actor. The things an actor does, in character, are the results that cannot be obtained working out of character.

But you'll see if you read the post!

Joey Higgins said...

Wow... great post. Slightly edifying position change with the lying debate, but more grateful of the new position and how she got there.

I rarely say this - and it's likely a problem - but, "Praise God!"

Alonzo said...

This is cool!