Monday, June 10, 2013

Art and Worship

Orestes Brownson on art - and this, I would point out, applies to all artists: writers, actors, sculptors, etc.

Addressing the question of "What is the purpose of Art?" Brownson says ...

The end is never the production of a work of art, however grand in conception, successful in execution, or exquisite in finish; but the realization of a good to which art is subsidiary. It is to honor his country and her gods that Phidias chisels his Minerva or his Jupiter. The end is always worship; the artist is the priest ministering at the altar; the art is the victim, the sacrifice.

Art for art's sake?  No, art realizes a good to which it is "subsidiary" - it is an offering to God.

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Paul Stilwell said...

All art either serves in our salvation or serves in our damnation.

No matter how small the nudge or how much a trinket of an idea.

Our salvation includes all that is good - even its a relieving laugh from a comic strip.

Art is not "necessary", yet man fully alive cannot not produce art.