Monday, June 3, 2013

Father Dangerous - Bionic Priest

Coming this summer - Grunky - an internet video network.

"Grunky" is a word coined by G. K. Chesterton when he was five to describe his spirituality.  That spirituality is one of wit, laughter, joy, gratitude, intelligence, and a profound love for Jesus and a sharing in His cross.

Grunky will feature many programs - humorous and serious, fiction and non-fiction - including my personal favorite ...



The world is a dangerous place. Terrorism, global conflict, and civil strife threaten every person on earth. But there are those who seek to protect, to defend. 
The US has the CIA. 
Britain has MI6. 
The Catholic Church has Father Dangerous.

Father Dangerous: Bionic Priest is a feature-length action/comedy web series (12 ten-minute episodes) about sacrifice, love, and punching evil in the face. Father Michael Detweiller is an ordinary parish priest in suburban Saint Somewhere… by day. But when duty calls, he fights evildoers across the globe as Father Dangerous, Bionic Priest!

Starring Kaiser Johnson as the title character, Father Dangerous will feature our hero battling the forces of evil, particularly the rogue's gallery of villains who make up the League of Heterodoxy, among whose foremost members is the dreadful Stanford Nutting, liberal ex-seminarian (portrayed by Kevin O'Brien) whose motto "Whatever" is corrupting minds and hearts everywhere.

Stanford Nutting

Father Dangerous will be joined in his battle against the forces of darkness by his side-kick Deacon Witless, Sr. Bad-Habit, and Cardinal Bond.  


More information - and a public screening - will be available at the Chesterton Conference this summer in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Be sure to come!  And meanwhile, "like" Father Dangerous on Facebook here.  


Carol said...

I've been waiting since November 2013 to see more than just the trailer. When and where can I find the whole series? #Love it!

JR Meehl said...

Carol. We're raising money right now to make the whole series! We'll keep you informed!