Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to Save the Family

Now that the Supreme Court has proven, as they did in Roe v. Wade, that they hold an utter contempt for reason and for democracy; and since the Culture of Death is swallowing everything in its path and devouring both marriage and the family, what is to be done?

This much.

I cannot save marriage.  I cannot save the family.  I cannot save the United States of America.

But I can be a good husband.  I can be a good father.  And I can be a good Catholic - which is the thing the United States of America is most in need of - though our fellow citizens resist the Culture of Life with all their might.  How can I save the family?  I can not commit adultery, I can stay married all my life for better or worse, I can put my children above money and prestige, I can refuse to use contraception.  I can love my wife as Christ loved His Church, giving His own life for her.  And so forth.  None of this is easy; but it's all within our reach.

It is within the scope of each of us to save the family - our own family.  The family has always required sacrifice - sometimes heroic sacrifice.  Just living as a husband, a wife, a son or daughter has shown us all that.

So as we enter the new Dark Ages, stand firm, dear readers.  Your bishops may not stand with you; your priests may not stand with you; your family and friends may not stand with you.

It will be a martyrdom unlike any bloody martyrdom of the past.

But it is the Sacrifice we are made for.  It is our cross and it is our privilege to bear it.

Save the Family.  Save your own.


Judith Cos said...

We START with being an example. We pray to stay strong and continue. We write and educate and politely speak out. We pray and offer sacrifices. We vote for better leaders. We pray some more and offer sacrifices. We educate young people. We start discussions. We encourage new marriages. We insist on morality in the places where we have influence. We pray some more.

Anonymous said...

Want to share an excellent article to everyone that pretty much covers what we Catholics REALLY believe in relation to homosexuality? Copy and paste this link and read for yourself - came to me like a beacon of light, thank you so much Christina Mead!! You're a blessing!!!