Monday, June 3, 2013

Maria Romine's Journey Home

This week EWTN will be repeating Maria Romine's appearance on The Journey Home.

She will be telling the story of her conversion from being Presbyterian to being Catholic, a journey I'm proud to say that Theater of the Word Incorporated and I played a large role in.  In fact, I was Maria's sponsor when she was received into the Church a few years back.

Maria Romine on the set of The Journey Home

Maria is a very sweet person (except when she's driving and she encounters toll booths), an excellent actress, and a good friend.  Her story will be well worth watching.

Then, this coming summer, The Journey Home will air an episode featuring me as Orestes Brownson, 19th Century American author and Catholic convert.  I will be telling "my" journey (Brownson's journey) into the Catholic Church.  Brownson is a fascinating man - America's John Henry Newman, in my opinion - and this will also make for a fascinating program.  In addition, I will be portraying Orestes Brownson at this year's Portsmouth Institute Conference at Portsmouth Abbey School this coming Saturday, June 9.

Orestes Brownson as Orestes Brownson - but not for long!

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