Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hawn State Park, Missouri Ozarks.  To the right is the path  through the woods, to the left, immediately along the path , is a large black snake that I noticed when I stepped right beside him.

Hawn State Park near Ste. Genevieve, MO

Our Lady Help of Christians, Weingarten, MO

Me with Dom Julian Stead of Portsmouth Abbey, well-known poet and member of the  "Junior Inklings" with Sheldon Vanauken, Thomas Howard and Peter Kreeft

The gazebo, Portsmouth Abbey, Rhode Island

Maria Romine and the mountains of West Virginia

St. Thomas Aquinas, Thomas, West Virginia

Beneath the side alter is an effigy of Jesus in the tomb.  Fr. Grassi celebrated an Extraordinary Form  Mass for Maria and me at this altar.

Blackwater Falls, West Virginia

A roadside moment.

Our Lady of the Pines, Horse Shoe Run, West Virginia

"Smallest Church in 48 States"

Cathedral State Park, West Virginia - ferns, my favorite plant.

Cathedral State Park, West Virginia

With Marcus Grodi on The Journey Home, that's me as Orestes Brownson.  The episode will air in August.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant photos Kevin. Not to brag, but if you ever go visit Malta there are chapels that are WAY smaller than Lady of the Pines church ;)


Kevin O'Brien said...

D., I will be in Spain next May, along with Dale Ahlquist. Do you think you could arrange something for us in Malta? I could perform as Hilaire Belloc, Dale could speak on Chesterton. Of course we speak only English ... what do you think???

Kevin O'Brien said...

By the way, I now Malta is nowhere near Spain, but we'll be on the continent at least!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin,

Glad to hear from you again. Speaking in English here is not a problem no worries, and it would be awesome if you guys could come to Malta, though not sure how i can help you guys on my part. . . what kind of help are you asking exactly? I'm in the process right now of contacting and asking my best friend for advice, who managed to bring foreign performers to Malta more than once and see how all this works. I'm only a student finishing last year and graduate hopefully, but i would like to help you guys and do my best to help. I can imagine a good venue, but that would be more heplful to talk to you privately. In the meantime is there some way of reaching you personally? I don't mean to seem a nuisance, just so that responses and plans don't keep coming back and forth in public view on a blogger combox. I don't have FB, don't trust it one bit, but will add you on G+ with your consent. Just say the word :)

Looking forward to your response, and dw i didn't think you had problems with geography. Not as bad as my sense of geography in thinking that St Louis is in New Orleans :P

God bless.

Kevin O'Brien said...

Email me - kevin @