Wednesday, July 31, 2013

God is Bigger than Gay

From an email I wrote to a friend ...

Pope Francis may not have used the most measured words when talking about gays on the airplane, but the fact is the love of Christ trumps our sins.  This is not to say that we cannot reject the love of Christ through sin, but that God is bigger than an act of sodomy, even a life devoted to glorifying such shameful acts.  We sometimes flatter ourselves in thinking that our sins are bigger than they are.  I don't think our sins impress Him the way they impress us.  Can we reject love and end up in hell because we devoted our entire lives to anal sex?  Well, yes.
But what do we have to match the goodness of God?  Spite, jealousy, perversion, anger, greed.  And ridiculous things like anal sex. These things are ultimately examples of Unreality.  They cause pain, but they make use of what He gives us and they are our own feeble attempts to thrust something other than love back in God's face.   ...
I have an actress, a Lesbian, who had a child out of wedlock 25 years ago.  The child's father refused to pay child support or even to acknowledge him, and became a leading figure in a Protestant church.  Finally the father came back in my actress' life and tried to reconcile with his child, when the kid was 18 or so.  All along, my actress could have done what almost anyone else would have done - poisoned the well about the boy's father, complained to the boy, leaned on him, etc.  But she didn't.  Despite her animosity toward the boy's father, she stood aside and allowed them to work out whatever their relationship could be.  This is something almost no Christian you and I know would do.  This woman, who has given her life to degraded acts, who is an avowed atheist, nevertheless does one gigantic Christian deed, and thereby shows she is Seeking God.

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