Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Damned Catholics

In my last post, I talked about how I try not to use vulgarities.

In this post, I am tempted to use one, for only one word can be used here.

I am tired of this bull****.

Brandon Vogt has given a platform to a man who has done much damage to himself and others by pushing bad theology to an extreme.

For Christ's sake (literally), fellow Catholics, let's put this to bed and start following the teachings of Our Lord and Savior.  It's days like this that although I do not regret my conversion, I do wish I had never met any fellow Catholics.  We are a shameful bunch.  We are selling our birthright for cold porridge.  

 If it helps (which it won't), here's why LYING IS ALWAYS WRONG, AS THE CHURCH CLEARLY TEACHES, and here's the long sad history of our self-destruction.

May God have mercy on our souls, on our smug and smiling souls.


ADDENDUM - I have reworded the above post so as to take out my harsh comments about Brandon Vogt, which he objects to in the comment box below.

My apologies to Brandon.  I have since emailed him privately.  


Brandon Vogt said...

Kevin, I appreciate your criticism. However, I'm not sure why you chose to publicly slander me instead of first reaching out to me privately.

jvc said...

That's slander? Get over yourself. You give a platform to a known sociopath.

Kevin O'Brien said...

Brandon, if you want to talk privately about this issue and the author you've given scope to, email me kevin at thewordinc.org, or call me 314-842-5231.