Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Frustrating Love and Frustrated Love

I just posted on the universal experience of Frustrated Love.

But there is more to this.

It's not just that our sins and the sins of others make finding satisfaction in love difficult.  It's also that we ourselves choose to frustrate our own love.

Love makes families.  Love makes cities.  Love makes businesses.  Love makes poems and plays.  More than anything else, love makes babies.

But we don't want our love to make babies!  We want our love to be artificial and Unreal.  Our whole contraceptive society tells us that love is self-indulgent, and we believe them in the depths of our souls, for we know (and secretly relish) the fact that if our love is all in our own hands we will spill our seed on the ground and therefore get a "safe" satisfaction, or a safe kind of satisfaction - finding a false destination for desire that is well within our own control.

And this form of physical or spiritual masturbation - loving so that your love will be unproductive - this attempt to game the system by keeping Eros a captive, a little cupid that dances to your own tune rather than a deity that draws us out into the unknown - this is a great reason why our true love goes deeply unfulfilled.

And yet even in this selfish and sinful day and age, sometimes despite masturbation, contraception and abortion, sometimes love sings a simple song ...
For to us a child is born, to us a son is given
Even today, despite our best efforts, love leads to life.  (Is. 9:6)

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