Thursday, August 8, 2013

Views from the Chesterton Conference

Julian Ahlquist, philosophy teacher at Chesterton Academy

Stockbridge, Massachusetts - proof that any fool can go to church.

Detail of stained glass at the Divine Mercy Shrine, Stockbridge.  See Luke 7:38.

Rosary and zuchetto of Bl. John Paul II, on display at the shrine in Stockbridge.

Blessed George of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception.  The quote is from St. Paul, Rom. 12:21.

Two pretty girls reading Chesterton.  The Revolution continues!

Chuck Chalberg as GKC.

This is what you see upon entering the Shrine of Divine Mercy.

This is what you see when your eyes adjust.

This is what you see late at 3:00 am at the Chesterton Conferences.  Left to right: Yours truly hugging Joe Grabowski, Joseph Pearce, Richard Aleman.

Scott Belhorn using Scripture to make a point to ex-seminarian Stanford Nutting.

A scene from Socrates Meets Jesus

Peter Kreeft, keynote speaker.

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