Monday, September 23, 2013

50 Days of Prayer - Day 31

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Day Thirty-One

The Way of the Cross

There are many things to meditate on here - for the Way of the Cross is represented by the Stations: the miscarriage of justice, the consolation of Jesus by Mary and Simon and Veronica, the falling, the dreadful prophecy to the wailing women, the nailing to the cross.

What has always struck me, however, is when Jesus is Stripped of His Garments.

This is something we will all endure.  As we grow older we are stripped of all of our finery, all of our trappings - sometimes even of our minds and our senses.  Jesus went through that with us at that moment when he was stripped; and He goes through it with us still.  We become our naked, slobbering, helpless selves - and we grow closer to Him, to Him who was Stripped, who followed the dreadful way.

And a special word to those who suffer from depression, or who are going through a particularly dark night - let the suffering purge you of your sin; let it be a form of reparation for the sins of others.  There is treasure to be found at the bottom of the sea, a pearl of great price.  But it is hidden in the depth of the darkest of waters, where we suffocate in blindness.

Come through.  Find the pearl.  Follow the way.  The way of the cross, which is the way, the truth, and the life.  You will be made anew - at the other end - made anew from the spiritual death you have endured.

Let us pray a decade of the Holy Rosary, meditating upon the Way of the Cross.

And let us pray ...

To you, Immaculate Heart of Mary, we consecrate ourselves – our hearts, minds, wills and lives and all those works we undertake so they may be for the glory of God, for the sake of the Gospel and the salvation of souls. Holy Mother, our Queen and our Joy, give to our hearts the dimensions of yours and form us in the image of your beloved Son.

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Anonymous said...

In many of the station commentaries, we are urged to pray for those who have no clothing during the station where The Lord is stripped of His garments. We are urged to pray for purity in union with the humiliation He suffered having been stripped naked for the jeering crowds to see.

Dr. Eric