Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An Extra-Ordinary Series

My friend and Theater of the Word actor Timothy Quigley has been busy writing, producing, directing, editing and starring in a new video series, which premieres on Grunky this week.

Ordinary is the story of an ordinary priest in Ordinary Time doing extraordinary things.  It's very funny.  It's about life at a typical suburban parish, and there's plenty of good characters and fun moments.  It's well worth watching!  Each episode is 20 minutes or so, so it's just like watching a real sit com!

Here's the first episode ...

and here's the second ...

I spoke with Timothy Quigley about this series.


KEVIN:  What do you hope to accomplish with Ordinary?

TIMOTHY:  I wanted to do an entertaining and funny series that served as a way of honoring our priests, showing both their human side and the supernatural role they struggle to fill for us.

How many episodes do you plan on producing?

We are producing seven episodes to run through the end of this year, and with more money, we will hopefully finish the season with five more we have planned for Lent and Easter.

What has surprised you most about producing this series?

What has surprised everyone is how much work is involved. Even after everyone says to themselves, "I know it's going to be a lot of work."

Your series is following "Ordinary Time" and the events in Fr. Anderson's world are pretty much concurrent with when each episode airs, correct?  For example, at Fr. Anderson's parish they're starting RCIA, which is starting at parishes across the country now, in September.

Yes, exactly. The show follows the liturgical year concurrent with the audience. This applies to the RCIA starting up in September, to the daily readings or saint's feastday. The liturgical year is a journey, a pilgrimage through time and we want Ordinary to act as a travel companion.

Why should people give this a try and watch it?

Watch Ordinary if you like to laugh and want to meet some quirky characters. There is no shortage of humorous situations in life, inside and outside of a Church setting. But most especially inside of one.

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