Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Abolition of Woman

One of my first internet friends was a radical feminist Lesbian atheist.  I am not making this up.  One day she said, "I can't stand the Catholic Church!  They're so anti-woman!"

Even though I wasn't yet a Catholic, I knew better than that.  "How can you say that about an organization that is criticized for what some say is the deification of Mary - and what is at any rate a great reverence for her?" I replied.  "And look at Catholic nuns - devoted to single-minded spirituality, to adoration of God and love for their neighbors.  What other religion has nuns, for crying out loud?"

Like many feminists, she was ambivalent about pornography.  On the one had, she felt it objectified women and degraded them.  On the other hand, she and her Lesbian friends would sit around watching it, to leer at the women in it - the women who were being objectified and degraded.

Last week I wrote on the "pornographication" of our culture and I focused on the atheist response to the ugliness and vulgarity of Miley Cyrus' infamous performance.  I observed how the modern Fad Atheists gleefully abandon Truth, claiming all truth is "relative".  I wrote ...

If you are willing to pay the price of giving up Truth in order to jettison God (for God is Truth), then you are left with this: there is no Beauty or Goodness either, for all three form a kind of trinity.  And so you can claim and claim with a fair amount of self-righteous indignation that ...

  • Miley's performance was not ugly.  Nothing is ugly, because nothing is beautiful - not a sunset, not a tree, not the moon at night, not a baby sleeping in a crib.  Our sense of beauty is just our hormones and neurons firing randomly for the sake of evolution.
  • Miley's performance was not morally wrong.  Dry humping a married man and pretending to have sex with a styrofoam finger on national TV (with children in the audience) is not morally bad because nothing is morally good.  It's just your illusion vs. my illusion - pick a morality and stick with it.  Or don't.  It's all subjective, there is no truth and everything is relative.

And yesterday I wrote about a particularly vile atheist who's been buzzing about on Facebook, and last week I published long post about the sad and selfish way I lived when I was an atheist, or when I was "spiritual but not religious".

And so atheists have been on my mind of late, particularly their strange inability to experience anything of beauty - or their inability to recognize anything true, beautiful or good as having any transcendent value, or as having any value at all beyond their own frat-boyish imaginations.

And today I find a fascinating article by Todd Aglioloro on how women are treated at Atheist Conventions.  They are, as a rule, sexually harassed.

Todd contrasts the treatment of women by atheists with the treatment of women - and men - at the National Catholic Marketing Conference.  He concludes ...

Think hard now: Which worldview is more likely to view women as objects of lust to be preyed on?
The one that rejects a transcendent basis for morality (and so sexual harassment can’t really be “wrong”)? That views human worth through a purely natural and deterministic lens (and so of course the strong will prey on the weak)? That embraces feminist ideologues who want to prove women can be as sexually callous and carnivorous as men (and so of course she must actually like it)?
Or the one that ties morality, including sexual respect for woman, to divine and eternal laws? That sees woman’s dignity as an intrinsic and inviolable extension of her creation in divine likeness? That offers a model for womanhood in the greatest person ever created, fourth in the order of being: the very Mother of God?

Once you abandon the notion that man is made in the image and likeness of God, human dignity becomes a matter of mere consent, meaning a question of power.  The top dog gets to determine how much dignity the underdog has.  And if "man" is not made in the image and likeness of God, then certainly neither is "woman".

Aglioloro writes ...

Why shouldn’t atheists aggressively hit on their women? They’re all just living out the logical conclusion of the principles they espouse.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

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